Registration / Permits


By Ordinance 99-16, Section 5, the City of Taylor requires the owner of a dog or cat four months of age or older to annually register the animal with the City. Applications and the annual license fee may be made to the City at City Hall - Utility Billing located at 400 Porter Street or with a local veterinarian. The annual fee for animal registration is $5 for sterilized pets and $15 for non-sterilized pets, per tag. Completed applications must be accompanied with proof of a current rabies vaccination.

Animal licenses may be obtained by submitting an application via mail or in person, or can be purchased at one of our Taylor veterinarians' offices.
  1. Animal Control

    Physical Address
    701 E. 4th St.
    Taylor, TX 76574

    Phone: 512-352-5483
    Fax: 512-352-8483

  2. City Administration

    Physical Address
    400 Porter Street
    Taylor, TX 76574

    Phone: 512-352-3676
    Fax: 512-352-8255